Customer Feedback

"Your work for us on KUNG POW! ENTER THE FIST was amazingly wonderful!"


"I got to see my print projected last night. I must say, it looked absolutely gorgeous! The transfer you did exceeded even my highest expectations. Congratulations on a fantastic job...and many many thanks!"

Chel White "Passage" Official Selection, Sundance 2002

"Finally had the chance to take a look at the print. Looks fantastic!"

Lee Lanier "Mirror" (Quicktime to 35mm), Official Selection, Sundance 2001

"I got the print yesterday and it does look great. I'm glad I tried this out and I'll definitely use you guys again in the future, and spread the word as well."

Tom Schroeder "Bike Ride" (Quicktime to 16mm)

"I saw for the first time, the print that you made of David Ishii Bookseller at the One Reel Film Festival. As soon as the first frame came on screen, I was impressed. This looks like it was shot on film. A fellow filmmaker thought I had originally shot it on 16mm. I am so glad that I do not have to spend twice as much and use Swiss Effects. DVFilm is my video to film transfer house!"

Doug Ing "David Ishii, Bookseller" (XL-1 to 35mm)

"We screened the workprint at Western Cine today, and everyone was very impressed. The colors & contrast are perfect and amazing. I'm am quite pleased with your work!"

Michael Lauter, Kinotonik Pictures (HD to 35mm)

"The screening at Dolby last night was a dream. The print looked and sounded great, and was extremely well received. An enthusiastic 'yes' to your requests to use some frames of Collectors on your website... you really exceeded my expectations as well as those of the key people involved in the film."

Ian Day, "Collectors" (DigiBeta to 35mm)

"Everything went so perfect, approximately 390 people went to see the film. With that money I will be able to almost finish paying my debt. Everybody liked it so much... I was on the cover of the biggest entertainment website in Panama, and I was on the news as well. So I am very pleased with my work and also with yours!!!"

Arianne Benedetti, "Como la Mires" (16mm to DV to 35mm), Panama

"A critic from the paper came to that first screening. She had tears in her eyes from the final moments... After much disappointment from seeing other digital films, she told me she finally believed that DV was a true filmmaking medium. Thanks for giving us such a beautiful print!"

Marcy Garriott, SPLIT DECISION (XL-1 to 35mm)

" We just wanted to let you know that the film print looks wonderful and thank you for the eleventh-hour, game saving effort you made! We sent the print off to the Academy today with a deep sense of relief and closure. We expect that the film is going to get a good amount of national and international exposure at festivals and through community screenings around the world... and DVFilm will get some well-deserved credit and publicity."

Jenny Stein and James LaVeck, THE WITNESS (DVCAM to 35mm)

"Just a quick note to pass on our complete satisfaction with the video-to-film conversion! We've gotten nothing but great comments from our patrons. Great color, great audio, great work!"

Brian L. Duke, SMSgt, U.S. Army, THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER (miniDV to 35mm)

"I just wanted to let you know that I like the 35mm transfer of "Gaza Strip" very much -- I've now watched the print projected in 6 different theaters, both in Europe and the U.S., and it has looked and sounded great in all of them. Right now the 35mm print is enjoying a successful run at the Visions Theater ( in Washington D.C. -- The projectionist at Visions told me the transfer looks better than the widely lauded 35mm blow-up of "Atanarjuat, the Fast Runner" [by Digital Film Group], which he projected recently. I can't imagine that I would have wound up with a nicer transfer by spending more money. You guys did a great job, and you did it on a very tight deadline with no hitches -- I appreciate it!
James Longley, GAZA STRIP (DVCAM to 35mm)