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Press Release
Self-Assembling Self-Repairing Geodesic Domes and Spheres

Caption: A Geodesic Sphere assembling itself near the International Space Station. The sphere is approximately 60 meters in diameter. Two astronauts are shown, one inside the sphere and one outside moving towards the station. The sphere's panels are robotic, with sensors and gas thrusters, and join to each other automatically. No human assistance is required. This would be an advanced test of the mature system. Initial testing would be done in deep space away from the station.

Dominion Space Systems

Our NASA iTech Proposal has been accepted to the semi-finalist round of 25 proposals. For more information please contact Marcus van Bavel, mvb@dvfilm.com.

Advantages of Large, Self-Assembling, Carbon Fiber Composite Structures vs Inflatables:

  • Maintains shape when pressure is lost
  • Self-healing with spare panels
  • Hard points at all locations for docking and equipment
  • Built-in attitude and rotation thrusters
  • Built-in solar energy collection
  • Built-in wireless data network
  • Precise shape for scientific applications
Caption: A Geodesic Dome City assembling itself on the lunar surface. Each completed dome is approximately 40 meters in diameter. Dome assembly from flat panels is performed autonomously in lunar orbit and then the completed structure lands itself intact on the lunar surface with a built-in methalox propulsion system (shown at top left). After landing, a small solar-powered robotic bulldozer covers the dome with lunar dust.
Caption: Cross-Section of a Geodesic Dome City on the lunar surface. The airlock and connecting tunnels are inflated after landing. A small solar-powered robotic bulldozer (SOLARDOZER) then covers the complex with lunar dust obtained from the surrounding area. No human labor is required. An astronaut is shown in the center of the right-hand dome for scale.
Potential Uses for Large Carbon Fiber Composite Structures:

Parabolic Dish:

  • radio dishes
  • solar energy collection


  • asteroid capture and mining
  • spacecraft servicing


  • rotating space habitat
  • rotating deep space vehicle


  • surface habitat
  • greenhouse