Raylight X

Panasonic P2 MXF Editing with Final Cut Pro X


What's new in Raylight X?

  • Raylight X imports Panasonic P2 Files into FCP X

  • It imports much faster than Apple's "Media Import" and doesn't use extra disk space

  • Allows you to replace missing clips without re-editing

  • MetaData appears in the Event list and you can select which P2 Metadata you use. You can find clips by searching for metadata like Cameraman, Reporter, Creation Date, etc.

  • Export P2 MXF files directly from the timeline without using Compressor. Raylight automatically converts FCPX's multichannel audio format to P2 format audio.
Follow DVfilm on Twitter Join DVFilm on Facebook How do I use it? Raylight X maintains the same great functionality of the original Raylight, instantly creating link files that appear immediately in your project. When a card or disk drive is connected to your computer, Raylight will scan it for a new CONTENTS folder. Then Raylight creates a new MXF.mov file link for each clip on the P2 Card or P2 folder. The link file can be created in a fraction of a second and will then automatically appear in the Final Cut Pro X Event List, fully searchable and sortable by MetaData.

Click here for the complete documentation.

The easy to use Raylight X interface has a sleek, new look:
An exciting new feature is the MetaData Mapping window that provides an easy way move your P2 MXF MetaData to the FCPX Event List. For each Event List Item on the left, select any P2 metadata tag on the right.
Exporting back to P2 MXFs was a popular feature of the original Raylight and is even better in Raylight X. Now you can select "Auto Start" to have the DVCPRO, DVCPRO50 and DVCPROHD Quicktimes you export to your scan folder be automatically converted to P2 cards, without leaving the timeline.


How much does it cost and where can I get it? $195 Click here

Can I try it first? Yes, Click here to download a free demo of Raylight X

Will I be able to author P2 Cards for playback on the camera? Yes!

Is there any quality loss in this system? No, none. Playback is always from the original P2 MXF file using the Apple codecs.

Is the quality just as good as using the FCP X P2 Media Importer? Yes, it's the same.

What will be the playback/editing performance be like? The same if you edit from files on a disk drive. If you edit directly from cards, the data can stream faster from the P2 cards than from a disk drive and you don't have to wait for the files to be copied and converted to quicktime.

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