Raylight Version 3.0

Package includes the Raylight codec for Windows, RayMaker-- an application that converts MXF files into AVI files, P2 Maker-- an application that converts Raylight AVI into MXF files, and a control panel for the Raylight codec.

Also includes DVFilm Maker (in the InstallData folder) which is only needed to convert other non-HVX200 formats like HDV to Raylight.

Feature Highlights for 3.0

1. Requirements

2. Installation

3. Convert HD MXF files to Raylight AVI

4. Other RayMaker Capabilities

5. Play back the Raylight AVI's

5. Edit the Raylight AVI's

6. Problems with Playback

7. Previews

8. Exporting a Movie for Playback on the Camera


9. Raylight MXF File Plug-in for Vegas

Limitations of the plug-in

Conflicts with Sony MXF file reader

10. Raylight MXF File Plug-in for Premiere

Limitations of the plug-in version 1.0

11. General Limitations

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