Instant Panasonic P2 MXF Editing
with Final Cut Pro
without Log & Transfer!

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Raylight for Mac puts MXF files from the P2 Card straight into Final Cut Pro!

  • It allows instant, direct editing of MXF files in FCP. Totally skip the Log and Transfer process!

  • It turns the Quicktime Player and FCP into a P2 Card Viewer.

  • Automatically name and organize clips based on Metadata.

  • Export Quicktimes from FCP and make a P2 Card!

  • It supports all DVCPROHD, AVC-Intra, and all SD modes and frame rates for both Euro and US model P2 cameras.

  • It will run on G5, G4 or Intel Macs.

How do I use it? Raylight instantly creates link files that you import into FCP like quicktime files. When a card or disk drive is connected to the Mac, Raylight will scan it for a new CONTENTS folder. Then Raylight creates a new MXF file link for each clip on the P2 Card or P2 folder. The link file can be created in a fraction of a second and will then automatically appear in the Final Cut Pro bin, fully searchable and sortable by MetaData like User Clip Name and Program Name.

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The link files can be opened with Final Cut Pro or the Quicktime Player and edited as if they were ordinary Quicktime files.

24PA pulldown and other redundant frames are optionally skipped over in playback, so the clips can always be native frame rate if desired.

Metadata is available in the FInal Cut Pro bin.

See our video tutorial on the fastest P2 workflow ever!

Read the Full Documentation here

Note: viewing DVCPROHD or AVC-Intra in Quicktime Player requires the Apple components
that install with later versions of Final Cut Pro.

Click here to download a free demo of Raylight for Mac.

Screen Shot of a Raylight Link File in a Final Cut Pro Project:


How much does it cost and where can I get it? $150, download from

Will I be able to author P2 Cards for playback on the camera? Yes!

Is there any quality loss in this system? No, none. Playback is always from the original MXF file using the Apple codecs.

Is the quality just as good as using the FCP P2 Card Importer? Yes, it's the same.

What will be the playback/editing performance be like? If you edit from cards, faster than the quicktimes made from Log & Transfer because 1) the data can stream faster from the P2 card than from a disk drive and 2) you don't have to wait for the files to be copied and converted to quicktime.

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