Recompression in Raylight

Recompression in Raylight can be avoided by mainly cuts-only editing either with AVI files, or with MXF files in the timeline together with the "Supress Recompression" option. In this case only effects and transitions are recompressed.

What are the losses on effects and transitions that undergo recompression?

Download this example, a 2-layer Photoshop file:


The recompressed frame has about 1% RMS added noise and is nearly indistinguishable from the original frame. To get similar results, use the Native Frame Size option in Raylight, and set up your projects with native frame size:

960 x 720 1.333 Pixel Apsect Ratio
1280 x 1080, 1.5 PAR
1440 x 1080 1.333 PAR (50Hz system)

Also be sure you are in Raylight Blue when rendering. Use the Red/Yellow/Green frame marker option to make sure you are rendering in Blue.

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