Step 1

AVC-Intra files are importable starting with Ultra 1.2. Only the Vegas 9 or later plug-in has this feature.

Go to the Raylight Control Panel/Advanced Options tab. Make sure Use MXF Proxies in Plug-in is check on.

Start Vegas Pro 9 or later.

NOTE: You can get about 2x-3x faster playback of the AVC-Intra format by getting the PowerPack I upgrade to Rayight Ultra. See for details.

Step 2

Import AVC-Intra files the same way you import DVCPROHD P2 MXFs using Vegas Explorer or File->Import->Media. When AVC-Intra files are placed in the timeline, a proxy for real-time editing will automatically be created, but you can still edit as usual while this the proxy is being created.

A progress dialog appears on your screen showing the progress of the conversion.

When the proxy is finished, you will have real-time editing.

If the 'Mark Proxy Frames' is check on in the Raylight Control Panel/Advanced Options, the word "PROXY" will be displayed in the top left of the video preview to indicate the proxy is being used.
If you want to see the original source frames, change the Vegas Preview to Best (Full). The "PROXY" mark will disappear when you play and the original frames will be displayed.
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