The Raylight Ulra 1.3 Power Pack upgrades give added performance with AVC-Intra P2 MXFs. AVC-Intra files will have faster decode, playback and proxy generation with Power Pack I and Power Pack II. Additionally, Power Pack II will allow the export of AVC-Intra P2 MXFs directly from the timeline in Vegas Pro 9 or later.

Below is how to buy and use the Power Pack software. We use Power Pack II as the example.

Step 1

Go to the Power Pack II product page to get information about the added features of the upgrade.

To purchase, click the BUY link in the top left under the PPII product box. This will take you to the DVFilmStore.

Step 2

Power Pack II is an upgrade for Raylight Ultra purchasers and you must use the same registered email for Ultra for Power Pack II.

Once at the Power Pack II Upgrade Purchase page, click on the check here at the bottom of the page to see if you are registered for Ultra.

Step 3

The Check Raylight Registration page will ask you for some information. Select the Raylight Ultra product and enter your email in the space provided. Click the Submit button. A confirmation page will appear telling you whether your email matches a Raylight Ultra registered email in the database.

If it does not match a registered email then try another email it might be, purchase Raylight Ultra, or contact DVFilm Support.

If it does match an email in the database then you can go back to the DVFilmStore Power Pack II page to purchase the software.

Step 4

Click Add to Cart to purchase Power Pack II and follow the Shopping Cart instructions to finish the purchasing procedure.

Step 5

After purchasing, you will get a link to the DVFilm product download page or you can go directly to

Select Ultra Power Pack II and enter your email address at the bottom. Click Submit and the download link will be emailed to you.

Download, install and activate. If you need help with this, here is a tutorial video.

Use Power Pack II as you would Raylight Ultra, but now with faster playback, decode and proxy creation for AVC-Intra P2 MXFs. Also, you will gain the ability to export AVC-Intra P2 MXFs directly from the Vegas Pro 9 or 10 timeline!

Exporting AVC-intra P2 MXFs from Vegas

The process of exporting AVC-Intra P2 MXFs from the Vegas Pro timeline is exactly the same as exporting
non-AVC-Intra P2 MXFs. For step by step instructions, go to this tutorial: P2 Export.

Everything will be the same except, you will have the option to export to AVC-Intra P2 MXFs as shown in the image to the right.

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