DVFilm's 24P Film School

Feedback from our students, filmmakers and industry:

"Being able to see all four 24P-DV editing systems, Final Cut, Vegas, Premiere, and Avid, from capturing 24P footage through exporting the final cut, really helped me decide which system worked best and which one to buy. Also the chance to see footage from many different cameras projected on 35mm was invaluable."

    - C. A. Koenig, kfilms@aol.com

"I was extremely satisfied with the class. It helped validate all the theoretical information that I have been learning myself, in addition to introducing me to other aspects of digital film making I had no experience in."

    - Ahmed Aboulnaga, anaga@yahoo.com

"An excellent job of walking a filmmaker through the in's and out's of production choices ... when thinking of transferring to film later down the line."

"Van Bavel knows the pitfalls of shooting DV for film, and offers solid advice on avoiding them from preproduction to post. It's basic to the point information without embellishment."

"A practical course to shooting DV for film"