DVFilm's 24P Film School


An intensive 2-day film school held Saturday and Sunday with emphasis on 24P digital cameras (like the Panasonic HVX200/HPX300 and Canon DSLR), 24P editing on both Mac and Windows-based editing systems, video to film transfers, DVD/Blu-ray authoring, and DCP mastering.


Our next class will be September 17-18th, 2011. The price is $400.00 per student and will be held at the Comfort Suites North, in north Austin, Texas. The class size is limited to 10 students, so each student will get personal attention and assistance. Enroll now!

The course is based on Marcus van Bavel's book Shooting Digital, and a pdf copy of the book is provided to each student, as well as additional written materials. Three instructors teach the class together (divided by topic), including Van Bavel, the author of the book and the chief engineer at DVFilm.

Requirements for the course are that you have a basic knowledge of video cameras and some exposure to video editing. The course takes you beyond video into true 24P shooting and editing for professional-looking movies that appear to be shot on film. The course avoids technical jargon so that anyone who wants to make movies can enjoy and learn from it.

There are many other film schools and video courses, but this is the only one run by a film transfer/DCP mastering facility. We are experts on 24P and we will give you the tools you need to succeed. Also instead of specializing on a particular editing system, we show you all the popular 24P editing systems so you can make an intelligent choice on which one to buy.

In addition, we will be screening a film transfer/DCP comparison reel at a local theater so you can experience the quality and impact of both techniques for presentation of your project.

Class Outline*:

Saturday (9am - 6pm):

1.   Choosing a Camera – SD - HD - HDV - AVCHD(1 hr)

2.   Shooting 24P with the HVX200/Canon DSLRs (1 hr)

3.   Capturing and Cutting with 24P editing programs (2 hrs)

4.   Cinematography & Lighting (2hrs)

5.   Converting HDV to 24P and editing solutions (1 hr)

6.   VFX and digital filmmaking (1 hr)

Sunday (9am - 2pm):

1.   Demo film/DCP screening (1hr)

2.   Sound recording, editing and design (2 hrs)

3.   Making a 24P-DVD Blu-ray (1hr)

4.   Preparing for Transfer for film or DCP mastering (1 hr)

Enroll now!

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