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DVFilm Software License Agreement

DVFilm software (DVFilm Maker, DVFilm Atlantis or Raylight Products) is licensed to you (the User) on the following terms

User agrees to test the demo version of the software and determine suitablilty of use, and compatibility with the user's computer system. DVFilm will not refund the purchase price of software to the user once it is installed and activated.

DVFilm is not responsible and will not be held liable for any loss or damage as a result of using the software.

User agrees not to sell, give away, or otherwise transfer the license to any third party.

User agrees to the DVFilm support policy, specifically that free technical support is limited.

User agrees to update the software through DVFilm's free online update center as required or when prompted to do so by the software. User agrees that free updates can only be sent to the user's registered email address, and if the User's email address should change, User agrees to pay DVFilm $8 to search though the records and change the registration.

User agrees that the DVFilm software and online help are copyrighted material and cannot be copied without DVFilm's permission. User agrees to make only one copy of the software for use on one computer system, or one workstation and one laptop per User. For more than 2 computer systems the User must purchase additional licenses for each computer from DVFilm or purchase a multi-system license.

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