Raylight MXFX

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General purpose Panasonic-MXF file converter:

  1. Converts MXF files to MXF files, P2 Cards to P2 Cards, preserves metadata
  2. Removes or adds pulldown of all kinds1
  3. Resizes between 720 and 1080-line formats2
  4. 25P to 23.976 (or NTSC) conversion
  5. Rotate image from 35mm adaptors without recompression3
  6. Grain reduction: reduce grain by up to 50% in static areas of the screen4
  7. Ideal for Avid Media Composer, Avid Express HD, Adobe Premiere CS4, others

Right-click the link below to download a free demo or click button below to purchase:

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Grain reduction samples: Still Image (2-layer Photoshop file) Suggested viewing at 400%

Movie sample (18MB Quicktime, portion of video enlarged 400%, first half orginal video, 2nd half with grain reduction)

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Or watch this video:

Demo Software Notes: Demo limits output files to 200 frames of video.

General Notes on Release 1.0 through 1.06:

  1. Can Remove 2:3 or 2:3:3:2 pulldown from 60i HD format, can remove 3:2 or 2:2 pulldown from 60p formats, 2:2 pulldown from 50p format. Can add 2:3 or 2:3:3:2 pulldown to 60i HD format. Can add 2:3 pulldown to 720/24PN format or add 2:2 pulldown to 720/30P or 720/25P formats. MXFX 1.0 does not remove VFR pulldown. MXFX 1.0 does not work with AVC-Intra, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO or DV, but only DVCPROHD. It cannot be used with Sony or any other non-P2 Card MXF files. See MXFX 2 link above for the more powerful MXFX 2 software.
  2. Resize feature presently works only with either progressive source or after removing pulldown from interlaced formats.
  3. Non-recompressed image rotate is available for 720-line formats only. 1080-line formats are rotated with image recompression, but optional grain reduction feature can be used to eliminate added noise in this case. Note: presently thumbnails are not rotated.
  4. Grain reduction employs 2 methods together: 1) intelligent temporal smoothing (averages across successive frames where no motion is present, and 2) spatial smoothing where no image detail is present, in other words away from object edges to preserve image sharpness. Grain reduction feature presently works only with either progressive source or after removing pulldown from interlaced formats.
  5. Use caution when mixing original clips with MXFX-created clips in the same project. Avid Media composer may confuse the original clip with the processed clip. See the MXFX FAQ below.
  6. MXFX does not re-join spanned clips (clips that are recorded across multiple MXF video files). Spanned clips, after processing with MXFX, may appear as a sequence of shorter clips. However the sub-clips can be successfully joined together in numerical order on the timeline to reproduce the entire shot.

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