Raylight MXFX 2 Try it! Buy it!

MXFX 2 is a complete revision of the original MXFX program, with hundreds of new conversions possible!

The Windows version is available NOW. The Mac version of MXFX 2 will be available late 2011.

New in 2.0:

  • Pulldown removal for HPG-20 AVC-Intra MXF files
  • Add pulldown to any AVC-Intra MXF file
  • Can create a full P2 Contents folder from a bare MXF file
  • Conversion from all AVC-Intra formats to DVCPROHD or other formats
  • SD to HD and HD to SD conversion
  • 24P to 25P as well as 25P to 24P (or NTSC) conversion

Click here for a full list of capabilities

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Try the demo MXFX 2 for Windows

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