DVFilm Epic I for Mac
DSLR Real-Time Editing Made Easy for Final Cut Pro

Perfect for the Canon 5dMkII, 7d, 60d, T2i/550d

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Review of Epic for Mac

Basic Guide Video
Epic Mac Tutorial

Canon EOS digital SLR's shoot amazing HD video with shallow depth of field and great low light sensitivity. However, one drawback is the H.264 codec these cameras use to record video. Most non-linear editing programs cannot play these files in real time unless you have an extremely fast computer. This is where DVFilm Epic I (Epic One) for Mac comes in.

DVFilm Epic I for Mac is a real time workflow tool that allows you to edit DSLR H.264 Quicktime files in real time in Final Cut Pro using FCP's RT Extreme features, but without the tedious transcoding methods of the past that slow down your workflow. Real-Time editing, on practically any computer! The DVFilm Epic method is fully automated and creates real-time files in the background so you don't have to wait.

Technical Detail-- DVFilm Epic is ALSO the highest quality method of DSLR editing; you avoid transcoding losses since you always export from the original video, with full 10-bit YUV rendering if selected.

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The way it works is simple:

1. Open the Epic Control Panel.

2. Drag your DSLR folder into Epic.

3. Click Scan Now and Final Cut Pro will import your clips automatically.

4. Begin editing! Assemble your rough cut, trim shots, insert transitions, effects, etc...

5. Playback your edit in real time. No rendering of effects needed!

6. Finish your edit and export.

-Need Epic for
Check out the Basic Guide Video below of Epic I for Mac in action:
Screenshot of a DSLR Quicktime in Epic RT mode in Final Cut Pro:
  1. Automatically switches between your original full quality or real time.
  2. No Transcoding losses in your final render.
  3. Direct Editing, no extra files to manage, no file swapping.
  4. DVFilm Epic will speed up and simplify your workflow. We have a free demo to try it out yourself, with no watermarks.

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Try the Software:

Trial version: click here for demo

DVFilm Epic for Mac Tutorial

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