• DVFilm transfers from any digital format to 16mm or 35mm with optical sound, presentable in any theater worldwide. Tape formats can be transferred for a small additional charge.

  • Soundtrack compatible with Dolby SR movie theaters

  • Dolby SRD (digital) compatible soundtrack available for 35mm

  • Anamorphic 35mm (Scope) format available

  • 16mm mono soundtrack prints available


    * computer media accepted: Mac or Windows format - Firewire or USB2 drives, USB thumbdrives, and Data DVDs or CD-ROMsFile formats can be 8bit or 10bit 4:2:2 Uncompressed Quicktime movie with 48k audio or nearly any image-file format such as JPEG, PICT, BMP, TGA, SGI or TIFF, and 48k AIFF or WAV files for audio.