Tired of Transcoding? Sick of Swapping?
DVFilm EPIC I ("Epic One") is real-time editing without transcoding for your video DSLR in Sony Vegas 9 ProTM (32/64bit)
(Vegas Movie Studio HD PlatinumTM 10 also supported)

Perfect for the Canon 5d MkII, 7d, Rebel T2i/550d and Rebel T1i/500d.

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    The latest generation of digital SLRs shoot spectacular HD video and give filmmakers a wide range of creative control from interchangeable SLR lenses to low-light sensitivity. However, one drawback has been the H.264 codec they use to record video. Most non-linear editing systems cannot play back these files in real time unless you have an extremely fast computer. There can also be reliability problems with a large number of files in the project. This is where DVFilm EPIC I comes in.

    The EPIC I plugin for Sony Vegas Pro 9 allows you to edit DSLR's H.264 Quicktime files in real time by using our "INSTANT EDIT" method. You can edit in real time, on practically any machine! The Instant Edit method is totally transparent: that means NO transcoding, NO swapping files, NO hassles! Epic can also handle hundreds of files with hundreds of effects and transitions with excellent stability and well-controlled memory usage.

    The way it works is simple:

Follow DVfilm on Twitter Join DVFilm on Facebook 1. Open the Epic Control Panel

2. Set the options as described in our QuickStart Guide, then start Sony Vegas Pro 9.

3. In Sony Vegas Pro 9, when you drag H.264 clips into the timeline and assemble your rough cut, Epic I automatically prepares for realtime playback in the background. Once it's ready the playback instantly becomes real time for that clip.

4. When you are finished with your edit you simply click the Roman Column (see far left) to High Quality and you can then export to DVD, Blu-Ray, or to whatever is your final format.

5. You can also use the Vegas "Preview Half" and "Preview Full" modes to switch back and forth between real time and High Quality.

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Use the Roman Column to change from Full Quality to Low Quality in one click.
  1. Generate full, half or quarter resolution realtime playback
  2. Instantly switch between your original full quality or real time quality.
  3. Use 10bit YUV mode for higher quality images with fewer banding artifacts.
  4. Guaranteed stability on large projects - work with hundreds of files, effects and layers in a single timeline without crashing.
  5. EPIC will speed up your workflow and simplify your workflow. We have a free demo to prove it to yourself, with no watermarks and unlimited project size.

    Read the Documentation

Try the Software:

Trial version: click here (works with Vegas 9 both 32-bit and 64-bit) Quickstart Guide

If you have purchased EPIC I you can update it here.

We recommend Quicktime 7.6 - download here - Epic I will work with Quicktime 7.6.6, but only if you have Vegas 9.0d or later version installed.

Click the "Try" link above to download a free 30-day trial!

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Quickstart Tutorial Guide

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