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We do video post-production and create software for filmmakers and video professionals. We're building Raylight Cutter, a next-generation video editing system for MacOSX and Windows. 

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Raylight Cutter

Cool animation? No, it's the patented User Interface of Raylight Cutter. Behind each door in this virtual hallway are the tools you need to take the three steps of movie production: shooting, editing, and presentation.

The first door (not shown) is the Camera Department. Behind it are every major make and model of digital camera. Select the camera you want to use, and Raylight Cutter leads you through digital aquisition. If you're an expert already, bypass the tutorials, and Raylight searches for your footage and takes you into the editing room.  Or stay to learn the ins and outs of selecting a camera.

The second door? Editorial. A virtual cutting room allows you to assemble clips and fine-tune your cut. If you're an expert video editor, you can start work on your rough cut. If you need help, there are both video and written tutorials on the editing process, with examples of raw footage and how to assemble a scene.

The third room is the Movie Theatre. There you export any of the digital movie theatre or Internet streaming formats, or perform your multitrack digital sound mix. Raylight can guide you and tell you what you need to know for each step, working with our team of expert filmmakers and post-production engineers.

But experienced movie makers can also use Raylight and proceed without assistance. If you have already used other editing systems like Avid, Premiere or Final Cut Pro, you'll find the controls in Raylight Cutter intuitive and fast. You can freely switch between shot selection, editing, mixing, and export in Raylight's virtual cutting room.  

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