• a DCP can be encoded from any PAL, NTSC, or HD data file. a DCP will be presentable in any DCP compatible theater worldwide.

    * computer media accepted: Mac or Windows format - USB2 drives, USB thumbdrivesFile formats can be an 8bit or 10bit 4:2:2 Uncompressed Quicktime with 5.1 mix or stereo 48k audio AIFF or WAV files.










  • DVFilm transfers from any digital format to 16mm or 35mm with optical sound, presentable in any theater worldwide. Tape formats can be transferred for a small additional charge.

  • Soundtrack compatible with Dolby SR movie theaters

  • Dolby SRD (digital) compatible soundtrack available for 35mm

  • Anamorphic 35mm (Scope) format available

  • 16mm mono soundtrack prints available


    * computer media accepted: Mac or Windows format - Firewire or USB2 drives, USB thumbdrives, and Data DVDs or CD-ROMsFile formats can be 8bit or 10bit 4:2:2 Uncompressed Quicktime movie with 48k audio or nearly any image-file format such as JPEG, PICT, BMP, TGA, SGI or TIFF, and 48k AIFF or WAV files for audio.



DVFilm can enhance your DV movie using our REMBRANDT SYSTEM to prepare your movie for transfer to film or digital projection, including:


  • Restoration: fix minor out-of-focus shots and reduce image noise
  • Color correction: balance color between scenes and between shots within a scene
  • Film motion: create film-like motion by converting to 24 frames/sec
  • Soundtrack: mix dialog and sound effects, music scoring, Dolby Surround mastering

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Consulting services for web-based businesses


  • We can create your website with amazing visual design that runs equally well on desktop or mobile platforms

  • We will install and run it on Amazon AWS, the lowest cost and best-run computing service in the world

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